One of the interesting things about Facebook is that it connects me to folks I haven't thought about in years. In recent months, I've connected with several old friends. As we play catch up, we find out each other's stories since we've seen each other last, and more often than not there is a sad story they tell.

One such story was a marriage, children, job changes, divorce, and drugs. My response was one of empathy. As I reflect on the circumstances of others, I see myself. We are all needy. And not marginally so. I'm so screwed up, and I feel so unworthy to serve my loving God.

A difference between those in the church and those without seems to be honesty. Can I talk about my struggles with those at church? What would happen if I did? Thankfully, there seems to be a movement in American Christianity towards a more honest kind of community of believers. Blogs and other technologies seem to be ways we put ourselves out there more publicly. Thank you, Lord, for the chance to be honest with myself and others. Thank you for accepting me as I am.

I hope God keeps me working with real people like those at FBC Philly. Not church people. Real people.