Think Orange... for FREE


The above link is a blog from a friend/fellow youth guy on his excitement about Think Orange for his ministry. Two observations.

First, you could be a part of the Think Orange live webcast on Tuesday, February 15. The times are as follows for us in Central Standard Time:
12:00pm - Session 1
1:15pm - Session 2
2:45pm - Session 3
4:00pm - Done!
I will definitely be watching this at FBC Philly if anyone (church leader / youth worker / involved parent) wants to join me!

Second, we (the Student Ministry Team) at First Baptist have read Think Orange and are praying and talking through what that looks like in our context here. But I think that small towns and small churches (which make up approximately 75% of the Southern Baptist Convention) already do family-friendly ministry better than larger churches in some ways. Our events involve smaller numbers of people, so we combine several age groups for several things. Parents in small towns and small churches already have an informal network in place as they help each other with parenting. (Ask any teen how hard it is to get away with something here. Mom finds out about it before the student even gets HOME!) The major puzzle piece that seems to be missing here right now (and this is what we seek to remedy) is that parents always are looking for help as to what kinds of things they can do to guide their children and teenagers spiritually. Some need prodding from Deuteronomy 6 to realize that the spiritual growth of their student is not a church leader's job, but theirs. And some churches need prodding to see parents not as incapable of spiritual leadership but as spiritual partners.

This is what Think Orange is all about.

The home is a heart. It is red. It is where children and adolescents are nurtured.

The church is a lightbulb. It is yellow. It is the body of Christ, where God molds His children of all ages into faithful followers.

But to create disciples of Christ from the next generations, we don't need just yellow. We don't need only red. We need to THINK ORANGE!

We are praying that God guides us in the details of how to follow Him as we, too, seek to be orange.