Lent for a Baptist?

Before you read anything, watch the embedded youtube video of "The Skinny on Fasting." Hilarious stuff!

I hear so many of my Baptist brothers express confusion when I talk about giving something up for Lent. "Why? You're not Catholic!" But here's the skinny -- I believe that we Baptists aren't fasting enough. And isn't forty days of fasting biblical? Jesus fasted for forty days immediately following his baptism, and I think the Lenten tradition of giving up something in order to give more of me to my Jesus is such a fantastic idea.

But what should I give up? I am not going to tell you what I decided to quit doing. I don't want you to do the same thing I did. I want you to consider this idea for yourself, and find that thing standing between you and God and remove it, not merely for forty days but also perhaps for good!

But it is not merely enough to quit doing something for a period of time. That is not fasting. Fasting is the denial of something in order to spend more time with or be more focused on the object of our affection -- Jesus.

You may discover what I have already have: that you never know how strong a hold something has on your mind/heart/soul until you get rid of it. What about you? Will you consider releasing something from the time you read this until we celebrate our Savior at Easter?