The Blah's

Have you ever felt blah?  

The Christmas holidays are over
School and work routines are back in full swing. 
The holiday food left behind an extra pound or two. 
Your new year's resolutions are already broken - multiple times over. 

Elijah also felt something akin to this post-holiday drudgery. In 1 Kings 18, he was on top of the world as he watched God answer his prayers and rain down fire. He saw God bring rain to end a dry spell, too

However, immediately after this, in 1 Kings 19, he received a death threat, and all of his recent triumphant feelings left in a hurry, taking with them his will to live. Yet even in these moments of depression, he found that God was just as ever-present in the problems as He had been in the triumphs. God fed him, rested him, and spoke to him

Is your faith only fair-weather? Do you stop believing in God or do you get angry with Him when things don't happen as you wish they did?  

Have you realized yet that God has no responsibility to do as you believe He should? Have you also realized yet that He loves you just as passionately now as He did when you were smiling?

Cling to Him. 
Rest in Him. 
Listen to Him.

He is here.